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Red Rock Beach

Red Rock Beach

Red Rock Beach

Shopping Fishing Toilet
Cafes/Restaurants Lake Entrance Parking
Life Guide Patrol Family Friendly Dog Friendly
Ideal Conditions Northwest Winds Shaded Camping
Not Ideal South Winds Bench Seating Beach Access
Surfing BBQ Facilities Boat Ramp

Red Rock Beach

Red Rock is a perfect holiday getaway with a small community. There is a caravan park right on the mouth of the river with wonderful views, a park for the children and a place you can rent water sports equipment.

Red Rock is a breathing taking beach with spectacular views offering a stunning headland which is around twenty metres high and is is apart Solitary Islands. This coastal walk will leave you mesmerized, when you wander around the headland you will see ancient rock in different formation, there is also rock pools around the headland which are fun for the family to explore .

Red Rock Swimming

Red Rock has a main beach and a smaller beach called red rock south. The smaller beach is perfect for families to have a swim, as the little beach has calm waves. Visitors need to be aware that the tidal channels do changes so currents can be unpredictable.
Main beach usually have stronger and bigger waves. The water also drops meaning the water is deep and rips are presents, however this beach is patrolled.

Red Rock Surfing

Surfing at main beach is applicable, however, other beaches are desired more for the break and better surfing.
Red Rock south beach is not advised for surfing due to its being protected, it does not create any break or big waves.

Red Rock fishing

Red Rock has a very attractive spot for fishing as it provides a beach, creek and rock fishing. If you are fishing in the creek usually the bites you will caught are mullet, whiting and flathead. If we are heading to the ocean you more likely to caught mackerel and tuna. Red rock also has a boat ramp so you can caught these big fish.

Red Rock Beach Info

Red Rock has lots of parking, both at main beach and the red rock south beach/
There are is not any showers or toilets at the both of these beaches.
There is no shade at main beach, however there is limited shaded under the tree at red rock south.