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Sandy Beach


10 km from Anchor
Shopping Fishing Toilet
Cafes/Restaurants Lake Entrance Parking
Life Guide Patrol Family Friendly Dog Friendly
Ideal Winds Shaded Camping
Not Ideal Bench Seating Beach Access
Surfing BBQ Facilities Boat Ramp

Sandy Beach

Sandy beach is located in between Woolgoolga and Emerald beach. This beach is only a small beach and has a nice relaxed atmosphere. This beach is only patrolled in the summer.

Families and people who are not familiar with the ocean are advised to take precaution due to the strong currents and the topographic rips. Although in calm conditions its great to go and have a dive to look at all the coral and marine life under the sea. If you want to stay on top of the water this beach is great for a surf in southerly winds.

Sandy beach has a boat launching access which tourists and locals take full advantage of to get out to the ocean. The launching access is the southern end of the beach and fishing is also permitted. You can access the beach with 4×4 access or alternatively there is lots of street parking and a car park for those who do not have a 4×4.

Unfortunately Sandy beach does not have any facilities for people to use. The beach does ,however, have a great shaded reserve on the beach for everyone to relax out of the sun. For the children, Sandy beach does offer a large regional playground for children to burn off some energy and stay in the shade.

Sandy beach only has a population of 2125 residents. Amenities and venues are limited here. Sandy beach only has one cafe in this area. This cafe is called the Sunken chip. This venue offers, food such as fresh seafood and burger with vegetarian options. It also has a fresh produces section which locals and tourists can buy fresh groceries from. They also have a section where you can buy “treasure”. This can be anything from bracelets, necklaces and homemade delicacies.

The Sunken chip is open seven days a week from 7am until 6pm Monday to Thursday and 7am till 7pm on Friday to Sunday.