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Woolgoolga Back Beach

WoolgoolgaBack Beach

300 meters from Anchor


Shopping Fishing Toilet
Cafes/Restaurants Lake Entrance Parking
Life Guide Patrol Family Friendly Dog Friendly
Ideal Winds S to W Shaded Camping
Not Ideal N to E Bench Seating Beach Access
Surfing BBQ Facilities Boat Ramp


Woolgoolga Back Beach
Woolgoolga back beach, offers a truly spectacular headland. The headland itself is one of Woolgoolga’s main attraction. From the headland you can see numerous beaches such as, Woolgoolga main beach, Safety beach, Darken beach and you can even see red rock beach. This headland is the perfect spot to get your binoculars out and look for humpback whales jumping out of the ocean. Whale watching season is between May and late November. The humpback whales migrate up the north coast to have their offspring and then travel back down the coast. It is a real breathing taking experience to see theses creatures in their natural habitat enjoying the ocean.

After spotting the whales why not take a walk around the headland with its variety of different tracks to explore. When you are walking around the headland why not try to spot some our native wildlife. You will definitely see families of Kangaroos relaxing on the headland, snakes slithering through the grass, native birds singing a tune, eagles hovering through the sky and dolphins catching a wave.

Now once you have explored the picturesque headland it’s time to venture down the path on to Woolgoolga back beach. This beach has hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Why not see if you can find the hidden natural pools, spot some crabs or even a turtle. Back beach offers great surfing, however, this beach can be dangerous due to strong rips, gutters and bowls. This beach is not patrolled at any time and is not recommended for families or people who are unfamiliar with the ocean. There is only a some amount of shade at this beach which is under a small tree, so it will be wise taking an umbrella if you plan to spend the day here.

Back beach has two entrances one is via the headland which you can walk down the steep hill and steps to reach the beach or the back way via market street. There is lots of parking for visitors at back beach. Unfortunately there is not any facilities on this beach, but if your feeling hungry Market street has an array of cafes, restaurants and shops which is only a two minutes drive away.